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If you have questions regarding someone using our images in a fraudulent or harmful manner, please note that we can not give out customer information, or tell you if they have purchased an item from us. Please read the following before you contact us.


There are a couple ways to identify our images:


1.) First, we NEVER put copyrighted or trademarked logos on our images such as the GE logo, Siemens, or Phillips in the upper left hand corner. A real ultrasound image will have some type of logo there.


2.) Secondly, our images will usually have the numbers 156693 before the GA (gestational age of baby) at the top of the image (unless the customer requests a different number). 

3.) Lastly, please check our website to see if the image matches one on our site. Sometimes customers will have something special created just for them that is not listed on our site. Custom images will not have a logo/trademark on them, and will still have the numbers 155693 before the GA (unless otherwise requested by customer).