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testimonial #1
Kitty Joule Designer

I lost my baby 15 weeks into my pregnancy. They were able to create a custom image for me, and now I have a life long keepsake of my little angel. Very happy they could help.

LaShonda James Waitress

This was perfect for my daughter's reveal party. She thought she was having a boy, so I gave her the girl sonogram I purchased, instead of her real one (which was a boy). Everyone believed she was having a girl!

Ella Whittaker Receptionist

Friends and family are still laughing from this prank. Great service from the Fake Ultrasound folks. No one even realized it was a fake until I told them. Would highly recommend!

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    Check out some of our popular fake pregnancy images today. Create a single fetus from 1-40 weeks gestation. Have a gender reveal created for your baby shower, or perhaps you just want to prank your husband with twins! Whatever the case may be, Fake Ultrasound has you covered.

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    Single Fetus
    Gender reveal
    Gender Reveal